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Graduation Courses              : Arts (B.A)  | Commerce (B.Com)  | Science (B.Sc)
Post - Graduation Courses  : Arts (M.A) | Commerce (M.Com) | Science (M.Sc)
Additional Course                  : Education (B.Ed) | Research


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Subjects :  
Hindi English Sanskrit
Geography Political Science Philosophy
Sociology.  Drawing Economics
Mathematics Psychology Home Science
Music Roman History Modern History

Conditions :  

  1. All subjects are optional and Students have to choose 3 subjects. 
  2. Students are not allowed to choose more than 2 subjects from languages (Hindi, English and Sanskrit).
  3. As like languages, students are restricted to choose maximum 2 subjects from pracical subjects (Geography, Drawing, Psychology, Home Science and Music).
  4. As per instructions from the college, students can select only one subject from 'Modern History' and 'Roman History'.And as like the same:  any one from 'Drawing' and 'English' , 'Philosophy' and 'Mathematics' , and any one subject from 'Economics' and 'Music'.
  5. 'Home Science' subject is only for female students.
  6. The Students have to learn the same selected three subjects in first and second year both.
  7. In last year, students have to learn only 2 subjects from selected 3 subjects.
Note : As per instruction from University, Students have to learn 'National Pride' and 'Environment' subjects respectively first and second year. They must have to paas the subjects to move on to next year.

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Master of Arts (M.A.) 

The Students have to select one speciafic subject to have master degree in it.

Subjects with available seat numbers: 

Hindi (60) English(60) Sanskrit(60)
Geography(30) Political Science(60) Philosophy(60)
Sociology(60) Drawing(20) Economics(60)
Roman History(60) Psychology(20) Home Science(20)
Modern History(60)    

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Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com.)

Subjects :  
Courses Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects
F.Y.B.Com 1. Accountancy & Financial Management - I
2. Mathematics & Statistics Techniques - I
3. Business Economics - I
4. Foundation Course - I
5. Environmental Studies
6. Business Communication
7. Commerce - I
S.Y.B.Com 1. Financial Accounting - II
2. Business Law
3. Business Economics - II
4. Foundation Course - II
5. Commerce - II
1. Advertising
2. Secreterial Practice
T.Y.B.Com 1. Financial Accounting - I, II & III
2. M.H.R.D.
3. Business Economics - III
1. Export Marketing
3. Direct & Indirect Taxation

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Master of Commerce(M.Com)

As per university, admission can be done for only 60 seats.
Subject will be guided by the faulties. Please prefer to visit college office.

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Bachelor of Science(B.Sc)

There are 2 specific category to selct the subjects in science stream:  
  • Mathemetics Division (PCM) : It includes 3 mentioned subjects that is, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Biological Division (ZCB) : It includes study on Zoology, Chemistry and Botani.

Note  : Instead of Chemistery, female students can have Home Science for all academic years.

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Master of Science(M.Sc.)

For the folliwing subject master degree available in the college. Listed below are subjects with their seats availablity for admission:  


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Bachelor of Education(B.Ed)

There are 60 seats for the education stream. Admission in B.Ed is done by Uttar Pradesh's Specific examination. As per instructions and guidlines from state university, the college takes admissions in this course. 
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There are facility of research in the college. Students can take admission after his post gradution course. The students who has passed his/her post graduation course with atleast 55% will only eligible to have admission in Research. In this case, the college followes instructions from the university.
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